General F.A.Q.

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Data & Privacy

How is PII utilized?
What PII is collected?
Are you compliant with CCPA and GDPR?

Yes. Everything for us is reliant with natural language processing and 5G, so everything happens on the device.

Are you using any of the data you collect to improve your technology or algorithms?

We utilize data regarding the aggregate/anonymized performance of our content and associated content metadata to improve both our content library as well as our algorithms.

Are you taking any data off the device or does all of the logic for sticker recommendations happen client-side?

All of the logic for suggesting content is executed on device.  For search (if implemented), the search text is sent to our cloud services for a response. The communication is TLS 1.2+ encrypted end-to-end.  We collect statistics related to a users engagement with our content (what was suggested, what was shared for example).  For a complete list please see our application privacy policy at:

Business Objections & FAQS

What is the value of having stickers and GIFs in my app?

Users are always looking for new, interesting and relevant ways to communicate and connect with one another outside of standard text and emoji offerings. Holler allows users to find, search and share the right content at the right time.

Does the integration touch our source code?

Your source code does need to make reference to our SDK.

What if we don't allow advertising within our app?

Holler specializes in the creation and curation of rich content that drives users to proactively engage while simultaneously increasing overall customer satisfaction. Branded Advertising content is just a small piece of that and is developed by our creative teams to feel both organic and engaging.

Why should I become a Holler partner?

Holler can help to drive revenue, engagement and innovation within your platform by enriching conversations, delighting users and driving constructive engagement within your chat or other interface.

Why should I integrate Holler's SDK?

It gives us the ability to suggest content. Suggestions deliver the users exactly what they want, in the moment, and lead to better chats.

What countries and languages do you support?

Locales supported: en_us, es_es, fr_fr, pt_br, hi_in, id_id
If there are specific locales that are important, we can get things translated to support them, we would need at least 4 weeks to do so.

How are Holler GIFs different than GIFs from other providers?

You can still use your GIF provider by using a Production API key from them. What changes is that GIFs would be suggested via Holler, which is proven to drive more engagement than a search function.


How do you measure effectiveness within our app?

We would want to assess the traffic and user number to get a baseline for engagement. Once we establish that, we would likely look at impressions, shares, and share rate in order to ensure that we're providing appropriate content that users want.


How long does integration take?

As little as 3-4 weeks depending on your level on engagement.

What is Holler's business model?

Our SDK is free of charge. We have custom content programs that we structure based on a rate card. We have a revenue share with the advertising inventory that runs in your app